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I've applied for many jobs without getting a single interview. What am I doing wrong?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Do you feel like you are drowning when it comes to job applications?

Well, you are not alone.

I came to Germany in 2014 and was looking for a job for 6 months…. (despite having 7 years of experience with HP, Flipkart etc…)

It felt like running into a wall everyday, day after day. I remember being frustrated, but not hopeless. During the process, I recognized the following :

  • I am a good employee,

  • I was clear on what profile he wanted professionally,

  • I was in a new country,

  • I did not have local experience,

  • I had no local education,

BIGGEST of all - I did not know German language.

I had decided to leave Flipkart to move to Germany for personal reasons. My daily routine at that time was as follows :

  • Waking up,

  • Sitting with laptop from 9am:

  1. sending CVs,

  2. writing personal motivation letters,

  3. making profiles on job portals,

  4. looking for a job suitable for me,

  • Looking at the office across the road and looking at people working on a job,

  • Having lunch,

  • Sitting with laptop from 2.30pm:

  1. sending CVs,

  2. writing personal motivation letters,

  3. making profiles on job portals,

  4. looking for a job suitable for me,

Mailing my corporate, Business school network in Germany:

  1. asking for guidance,

  2. asking for CV reviews,and

  3. NONE helped or stopped replying after sometime,

  4. except 1 senior from MBA.

Since then, I have worked for (all in Germany) : a startup (where I went back after leaving Amazon), Amazon, Zalando and for a Marketing Agency (where I did not even have an interview, and is headed by the most ambitious guy I have ever known in my career ....). I have participated in 2 fund raising rounds, raising €6.6Mn for 2 startups.

You will be wondering now - Why am I sharing all this with you?

Well, the reality is that I also struggled through my initial time in Germany. Due to various reasons (language, finance profile, lack of network etc) I was not able to get a job immediately after coming to Germany.

This was tough, frustrating and getting rejections is not easy. It takes a toll on the mindset, confidence and the feeling of self worth.

In short : you may not be doing anything wrong. You are just in tough time, having tough luck.

Keep pushing thru:

Just think over (not worry over), the following :

In reality, there might be nothing wrong with all your efforts. In current times, the hiring overall is slow or almost none, depending on the country you are in. In addition, the impact of Covid19 is unforeseen. No company is sure how long it will take for the economy is come back again.

If you are a fresh graduate, know this - I started my career in 2007 and there was a financial crises in 2008. Everyone was struggling professionally. Circumstances change and opportunities come your way.

If you are a professional : make sure to have the skills which make you useful for the companies. If there is a need to learn new skills, please do. If you need to a more relevant industry, please move.

Remember, if you have the right skills that the companies are looking for, you will never be short of opportunities. If you are struggling with getting a job, take an honest look at the following :

  • your profile,

  • your skills sets,

  • your industry,

  • your job application process (CV, Cover letter),

  • leverage Linked In to connect with mentors,

  • your network - who can help you.

It is your career and if things are not working out, then you need to change and adapt.

Best wishes for your career.

It always helps to have a mentor, who has worked and lived in Germany for some of the best brands. For personal consultation with Arun Mahajan, book a time with him.

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