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Benefit from CDG

Why select CDG services? 

CDG's success is in making our clients successful in their careers. Clients can expect the following when they sign up for anyone of our services :

  • Experience based guidance from an International mentor, 

  • Objective evaluation of the client's profile in a foreign country, 

  • Discussion on language and other challenges for specific profile,

  • How to build up network and tips to finding jobs, 

  • How to grow professionally in international work environment, 

  • Follow up email support,

  • Long term success oriented relationship. 

CDG is NOT a JOB consultancyemployment agency or overseas education consultancy.


CDG is a mentorship service for your successful career. 

  • All the services are provided one on one through online channels (Zoom virtual meeting)

  • All the meetings are confidential between the client and CDG. 

We accept payment through credit cards only.

  • Includes: JSV & Germany discussion, CV review, Interview prep.

    3 hr

    397 Euro
  • Being good at you job is not enough. You need to show it in interviews

    1 hr 15 min

    159 Euro
  • CV is your first & most important personal marketing channel.

    1 hr

    99 Euro
  • Know what it is like to work & study in Germany

    45 min

    99 Euro
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