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CDG - Careers Development Group has been conceived as a platform for professionals & students looking for international careers.


There is an overload of information available today. Within this information, is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information, leading to wrong career decisions. These mistakes not only impact the careers but also the lives which depend on your careers.  

It will be in  your best interest to talk to those who have set up their International Careers and worked for some of the biggest brands in international geographies.  

Arun Mahajan,

Founder - CDG

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Arun has been living in Germany since 2014. He is currently settled in Berlin, Germany.


Arun started his career in 2007 after completing his MBA. Since then, he has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. These include : 

  • Amazon (Munich, Germany),

  • Zalando (Berlin, Germany),

  • Flipkart (Bangalore, India),

  • AMD (Singapore) and

  • Hewlett Packard (HP, Bangalore, India). 

During his time as finance leader for startups, Arun led fund raising for those startups. In total, he helped raise €6.6Mn in funding. 

In addition to being a finance professional, he is also a prolific Quora writer. He frequently write on topics of :

  • Living and working in Germany, 

  • CV and Interview strategies,

  • Jobs in Germany,

Since starting, he has more than 8,700,000 (5.2 Mn) answer views and more than 5,400 followers on Quora.

Arun also actively manages the Facebook CDG group on Facebook. Set up in Oct,2019, the group has more than 1,600 active members as of April, 2020. 

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