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What CDG clients are saying....



Mr Saurabh Gupta, 

Chartered Accountant,

Honda Cars, India

I received crystal clear inputs from Arun about Germany. Having good experience in Germany starting his own career from scratch, gone through all the stages of a beginner by Arun, so one can only expect a fair and clear guidance from CDG.


CDG Service :

CV Review

I was pleasantly surprised with the plethora of services offered by CDG & instantly realized the importance and necessity of its services. Having agreed to a set number of billable hours, CDG has continuously provided me support and guidance beyond the agreed hours & without any intent of minting money.


It is great to be associated with Career Development Group. CDG is very much active in professional networks and constantly offers relevant and valuable information. Further, it also conducts webinars on specific topic of interest for the target audience.


Mr Abhineet Jain, 

ex - BMW,

Munich, Germany

Ms Bharathi Priyadharsini, 

MBA Student,

Hannover, Germany

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