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Is 63,000 euros a good salary to live in Berlin when I have a 18.5 LPA job in India?

Updated: May 11, 2020

63k per annum is a decent start salary in Berlin. This will mean a gross of 5,250 Euros (or ~ ₹4,05,000) per month, and a net of ~3,534 Euros ( or ~ ₹2,73,000) per month at today’s rate.

  • This net is based on Tax Category 3, which assumes :

  1. You are married,

  2. Your spouse is not working,

  3. You have no kid,

Your monthly expenses break down will be as follows at 2020 prices:

  • Rent (for an apartment in the city) : ~1,000 Euros (can vary),

  • Monthly public transport pass : 81 Euros, (61 Euros if you opt for an annual contract),

  1. You can take 1 additional adult with you free of cost, after 8pm on weekdays,

  2. You can take 1 additional adult with you free of cost, on weekend and public holidays.

  • Monthly internet : ~40–50 Euros (depending on your plans),

  • Monthly electricity : ~35 Euros (depending on usage),

  • Third party insurance : ~80 Euros per year,

  • Legal insurance : ~25 Euros per month,

  • Heating costs : will depend on your usage, mine comes to about ~100 Euros for winter months,

  • Monthly groceries : ~4/5 visits (1trip/week) * 30 Euros : 120–150 Euros, groceries prices are cheap for a European country,

  • Indian groceries : ~100 Euros per month (of course, depends on consumption),

  • Daily lunch : I have lunch outside daily, so its about ~8 Euros per lunch : 8*20 working days : 160 Euros,

All of the above, in my view, are the very basics that you need to spend on to live in Berlin. Excluding heating costs, the monthly living costs will be ~1,600 Euros, which leaves ~1,900 Euros for savings/discretionary expenses.

This translates into a monthly savings of ~₹ 1,47,000 at current rates. Of course, once you partner starts working, this number will go up.

I have ignored car costs and related costs (fuel, maintenance, parking, insurance costs) as public transport is very efficient and personal car is not really necessary initially.

Personal note : If you are in an IT profile, this is on the lower end of the salary range. Once you land in Berlin, I am sure that you will be able to find higher salary options.

I just touched upon the salary (and expenses, savings) aspect as your question was based on salary comparison in both countries. There are lot more qualitative and personal factors which you need to consider, before taking a decision.

Read more about how to build a career in Germany :

It always helps to have a mentor, who has worked and lived in Germany for some of the best brands. For personal consultation with Arun Mahajan, book a time with him.

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