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What are some interesting facts about Germany?

Updated: May 11, 2020

  • No birthday wishes in advance.

It is considered bad luck if you wish someone before their actual birthday. Arun pissed off his boss when he wished him one day before boss's birthday… (perks of being new in Germany!!),

  • Full volume nose blow

Loud nose blowing in an otherwise quiet office, bus or train or a library is perfectly normal.

  • Gesundheit (Bless you after a sneeze)

Wishing you Gesundheit after sneeze and then you saying Danke Schön very politely….. and you dont even know each other,

  • Not knowing what is a Visa

Having one of the strongest passport in the world means that Arun has to explain to his boss what a visa is and why do he needs it,

  • Climate safety but….

Huge protests for climate protection, Berlin city center and CBD (commercial business district) shut down on Monday evening and then buying packs of water bottles from super markets……plastic bottles,

  • Mahlzeit

Saying “Mahlzeit” to people, when going to lunch or when you see other going for lunch,

  • Arrogance vs Warmth

Being perceived by the world as arrogant, but actually some of the most genuine and warm people around,

  • Autobahn common sense

Ferrari will slow down and not demand right of way (honk, flash lights) if the car in front can genuinely not get out of the overtaking lane….

  • Dinner for one

Watching this movie for the last 45years on New Year’s Eve. It is a pretty nice and fun movie!!

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