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How to get your German PR (permanent residency)

As a foreigner in Germany, getting a PR means freedom my the consistent stress of visa dependence.

In my case, I came to German in Jan,2014 on a dependent visa. This actually helped me cover the journey from ….. Dependent Visa (2014) —-> to Work Visa (2014) —→ to Blue Card (2015) —-> to German PR (2017)

If you are lucky enough to get a job offer that qualifies for a Blue Card, then its a very easy journey for German PR.

Dependent Visa (2014) —-> to Work Visa (2014)

In my case, I found my first job in July,2014. For this, I changed my dependent visa to work visa. Since my first salary offer was €36,000 annually, I could not qualify for the Blue Card. At that time, Blue card limit was €48,000 annually.

As a dependent visa holder, you have the same employment rights as your spouse at the time of writing this answer. This is way better than having a H4 visa as the spouse of H1B visa holder in USA.

Work Visa (2014) —→ to Blue Card (2015)

In 2012, while working in Singapore, my visa application was rejected despite having a new job offer. This incident left quiet a mark on my memories, since I was asked to leave Singapore within 30 days of rejection.

Due to this, I was clear that getting rid of Visa dependency was my focus. After a job offer from Amazon in 2015, I was above the required salary limit. Applying for Blue Card in Munich was a breeze. The process, took its sweet time, since my files has to come from Heidelberg.

Blue Card (2015) —-> to German PR (2017)

While working in Berlin by 2017, I completed the required time to qualify for the German PR. Knowing that all of the German processes take quiet a long time, I started my PR process 2–3 months before the actual eligibility.

Since I had a regular job, consistent salary and a good history in the country, my application was accepted. Applying for PR in Berlin at that time was the easiest German bureaucratic process ever.

Why you ask?

I could apply for PR through an e-mail!!!! It might sound petty for a foreigner but once you live and deal with German bureaucracy, you will know what I mean.

German PR process for me (at that time in 2017) was :

  • Send an email with the required application, documents

  • My documents were checked

  • 2–3 months later, they got back to me over email, asking for more information n documents

  • Submitted those documents, over email

  • Got an appointment email (the same day!!!!…. I was expecting atleast a month before getting any reply)

  • Asked a German friend to accompany me

  • Went for appointment, went through normal formalities, replied some questions in German, paid the fees

  • Was told to collect the German PR card in 2–3 weeks. A paper document was given as a proof for this duration.

Collected my German PR card and have not looked back since. Job change was never a challenge on work visa or blue card. With German PR, its not even a thought. Set up and registered a company in Berlin in Jan,2020.

Having a German PR gave me the confidence & freedom to pursue bigger dreams than a job.

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