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Which country is better to immigrate to - Canada or Germany?

Updated: May 11, 2020

The following is my personal view of both the countries. I am living in Germany for the last ~6 years. My brother lives in Canada with his family. Of the 2 countries, there are pros n cons depending on one’s perspective. I am Indian, so following is my take on these 2 countries.

Both countries offer :

  • High standard of living,

  • Safe culture and society,

  • Growth opportunities for those willing to work for it,

  • Work life balance,

  • Melting pot of different cultures,

  • Social security,Health coverage with good facilities,

Benefits of Canada :

  • Possibility to have Canada PR before moving there

  • English language,

  • Familiar culture,

  • Lower tax rates,

  • Familiar food and festivals,

  • Jobs are not dependent on the language,

  • Proximity to USA,

  • Strong community ties,

The only major challenge I can think of is : Harsh winters.

(I am sure some will have more -ve points, but as I said earlier, this is what I choose to look at).

Benefits of Germany :

  • Work life balance,

  • Proximity to all the major European countries (I love to travel),

  • Lower cost of living,

  • Limited inflation,

  • Awesome public transport and cheap,

  • Process based visa process,

  • No subjectivity when applying for Blue card or German PR,

  • Very strong employee laws,

  • Very strong tenant laws,

  • Cheaper real estate,

  • Manageable winters,

  • Very genuine and helpful n trust worthy people,

The only major challenge is : German language

Which one is a better country to migrate : your call. Best wishes for the future!!

It always helps to have a mentor, who has worked and lived in Germany for some of the best brands. For personal consultation with Arun Mahajan, book a time with him.

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