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 Date : 5th and 6th Dec

(Limited to 20 participants only)

Arun's German Career journey.....
YOUR can be better.


UNEMPLOYED for 6 months in Germany. 


Job offer from Amazon:

  • 7 virtual rounds

  • 5 rounds at Munich HQ

  • Final round with CFO


Job offer through network WITHOUT applying for it


Own business venture offering:

  • Financial Consulting

  • Business Consulting &

  • Career Mentoring

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What do YOU get in the Program?

You get personalised LIVE Sessions (NOT pre-recorded) of high quality content spanning 14 hours in total on how to create your German career.

After the course, you will have personal access to the trainer's network spread within Germany & India. The most deserving candidates will be provided placement and job search support by CDG partners.


What do you learn during the program?

  1. How to navigate the German job market, including VISA topics

  2. German CV & cover letter to stand out from the competition

  3. LinkedIn strategies for personal branding 

  4. Interview Techniques - Mindset Training as part of the program 

  5. Nuances of Networking for Success 

  6. Weekly Zoom sessions, dedicated to your Q&A for specific topic.

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But WAIT, there's more...... 

  1. Part of an exclusive online community,

  2. You gain exclusive access to content and opportunities

  3. First access to the programs & trainings offered by CDG Partners:

    • CDG + Migration Hub, Berlin collaboration. MH got 142 applications through CDG, 21 selections

  4. "Network for Success" with professionals from across the globe

  5. EXCLUSIVE access to the Speakers at the CDG seminars/webinars in Germany and India (based on Covid situation)

  6. Guidance on career, finance and life topics:

    • Salaries

    • Future job/skills

    • Visa types

    • Language learning options

    • Introductions to CDG community

    • House buying support/advisory through a long time CDG partner

    • Tax advisory through long time CDG partner

This program is ideal for

WHY Germany....?

As a professional, did you know that Germany offers the following for your career & future :

  • Permanent residency in 21 months/33 months

  • Citizenship in 8 years

  • Free world class education for your kids

  • Paid maternity & paternity leaves 

  • Unemployment payments (Arbeitlosgeld) or part time employment payments (Kurzarbeit) 

  • 4th largest global economy.

About the Trainer - Arun Mahajan

Arun Mahajan


Arun has worked for some of the top brands in the world:

  • Flipkart, Bangalore, India

  • Amazon, Munich, Germany

  • Zalando, Berlin, Germany

  • AMD, Singapore.

Professional highlights: 

  • over 12 yrs of professional experience,

  • leadership  experience

  • raised €6.6Mn for 2 startups in Berlin, Germany.

He has been living in Germany since 2014 and career mentoring students/professionals since 2018.

In 2020, he conducted global "Career Talks", where more than 7 speakers and more than 400 participants

The speakers came from variety of backgrounds: 

  • Finance 

  • IT

  • Life Sciences

  • Top 3 Consulting firms

  • Project Management

 He is a prolific writer on Quora on the following topics :

  • Germany

  • Careers in Germany

  • Career Advice

  • with 9Mn+ views

  • CDG Quora space has 25,000+ followers.

He brings a:

  • vast network of quality & experienced professionals

  • across Germany and India

  • Across corporate and startups in Germany

  • Other opportunities due to his diversified interests.

Arun Mahajan
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