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For Professionals

Building an international career takes time and effort. More so, if you are an experienced professional. If you are serious about an international career, focus on the following : 

  • Which country is ideal for you?

  • What are the visa options to move to that country?

  • Other challenges (language, weather etc)

  • Long term prospects (career and citizenship)

  • Parent's relocation to this target country?


For students

International education opens up a lot of opportunities. It can turn into a nightmare if you enroll for wrong courses or institutes. So, factors you need to consider:

  • Which course are you going for?

  • What is the job prospects for that course?

  • What is the ROI for the course (salary vs costs)?

  • Reputation of the institute and it's diversity mix?

  • Corporate network & alumni career graph?

and DO YOUR OWN research, its YOUR career.


Partner for your International Career

CDG (Careers Development Group) was set up to help others achieve successful "International career".


Start: Started as a Facebook group in Oct,2019, CDG was formally incorporated as a company in Berlin, Germany in Jan,2020. 

GOAL: The purpose of CDG is to curate successful international careers for it's clients. It's a journey we take together with our clients till they achieve their goals.

CDG has helped professionals & students to establish their careers successfully in Germany. 

These are some snapshots from the CDG Career Seminars & Careers Talks (2018 t0 2020).



Curious about International career? 

Your work experience

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